family worship

Family Worship is a simple but profound grace that we encourage every Christian home to enjoy. God calls His Church into corporate worship every Lord's Day, but He calls the "little church" into worship every day. As a Christian your whole life is an expression of worship to God who made you, and that lends substance and purpose to the mundane parts of it - work, neighborhood, carpools, all the seemingly ordinary stuff. But apart from the Word, you can easily forget that. Worship at home in the "little church" redirects your scattered soul, proclaims the glory of God who gave you the day, and disciples the hearts and minds of everyone in the home to enjoy His grace.

Don't be intimidated. You don't need a theology degree or even a lot of time (10 minutes). It's a very simple thing really. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. If you can do this 6 days a week then good for you, but you're WAY ahead of the curve! Most families who try will make it happen a few times during the week and that's great. It does require some discipline, but rigidity will ruin it.
  2. Read a chapter of Scripture, and ask a few simple questions about it. Some basic approaches are: Observe what's there, Interpret what it means, and Apply it to life if there is something clear. But be careful not to create a "to-do" list that's not there. The Gospel shapes who you are before it tells you what to do.
  3. If you have young children, you might use a children's Bible. Encourage some simple discussion and questions - or more if things really get rolling.
  4. Pray together. Take some specific requests, and encourage kids to pray out loud too.
  5. Sing a song - even just one verse - from the previous week's Order of Worship. You don't need music to do it. And if this is too much of a stretch in your case then that's okay!
  6. Another suggestion: Download the Sunday Order of Worship on Saturday and read through parts of it together to prepare for Sunday morning. We try to post it by Friday afternoon each week. You can find it here.

Whatever you do, keep it simple and brief (especially with kids) and let it grow with your family
as your family grows with it.