Reformed Youth Fellowship (RYF) is our ministry to Middle School and High School students. We have a variety of gatherings, often hosted by church families in their homes. Together we enjoy friendship and food with Bible study and discussion led by our staff and youth volunteers.

We meet most regularly on Sunday evenings during SoLD for worship, large group teaching (middle school and high school combined), and age-specific small groups. 

If you have questions please contact our Assistant Pastor of Youth Noah Wiersema.

Spring 2020

The image above, Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) by Francisco de Zurbaran, is an allusion to John 1:29 where John the Baptist describes Jesus as “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” The gospel of John is full of such titles for Jesus, many of which He gives to Himself. These titles answer the question of who Jesus is. They speak of His divinity, saving work, and uniqueness. At the same time, they also have meaning for us today. Join us this spring as ask the question "Who?" Who is Jesus? and who are we in light of this?


Our first large group gathering will take place Sunday, January 12 at 5:00 PM

A reading plan for the gospel of John this spring can be found here

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Summer trips

RYM Summer Conferences

Each summer, our students participate in summer conferences put on by Reformed Youth Ministries (RYM). These conferences feature a week of solid Reformed teaching, community, and fun activities for everyone. The Middle School conference takes place here in Texas, and the High School conference takes place in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.

Dates for the 2020 conferences are as follows:

Middle School Texas: TBD, June, 2020

High School Colorado: June 14-20, 2020


Imago Dei: The image of God, gender, and sexuality

The first chapter of the Bible tells us that mankind was created in God’s image, male and female. We’re then told that in some way, men and women together glorify God by complementing each other’s unique design. And yet, because of our fall into sin, there are unique ways that men and women try to fill the gap between the way life ought to be and the way it has turned out for us. It is only when we understand God’s good design, our unique rebellion, and God’s plan to redeem us through Christ, that we can actually rightly see ourselves in the mirror, the way God created us, and the way he is remaking us through Jesus. 

So that’s what we will do in this study. We will look into the mirror of God’s Word and seek to understand his design for men and women, for sexuality, for gender, for relationships, and for redemption. These are major topics. They are important biblical concepts. And yet so often we don’t talk about them as we should. This study guide is designed to help us do just that. 



MOBI (kindle)


Why i need the church

What's so special about the Church? Why do we need it? Why can't our spirituality be expressed and strengthened exclusively at home, or in Christian schools, or on the soccer field?

You may have found yourself asking these questions already, but my guess is, when you go to college or to pursue your career, you’ll be confronted head-on with them. Even now, you are probably presented with a buffet line of spiritual options that could easily (if you’re not careful) take the place of church: youth clubs, after school Bible studies, sports teams, options with friends on the weekends, and more. So, the question before you is essentially the same: Why do I need the Church?

In this study, we will survey some of the key topics in the Pastoral Epistles, letters Paul wrote giving instructions for young church planters. Each chapter will focus on one particular topic that Paul dealt with and will show how it helps us to understand our need for the Church. 



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