Home groups

COVID-19 Update: Fall 2021

Groups have largely resumed normal gatherings, though some times and locations may still be in flux. If you would like to visit or join a group, contact the leader (info below) for updates on group meetings. Contact Noah if you would like help getting connected to a group.

Home Groups are the primary small group ministry of NsP. Each welcomes children of all ages and includes some variety of food, fellowship, prayer, and a simple study or sermon discussion. If you desire to enter more deeply into friendship and mutual care with other believers this is the place to do it.

Below you will find a map view of our current groups. Click on a location for more info on a group, or select "view list" for a list of groups. The location maps are not precise, and many groups rotate meetings among different houses, so please contact the group leader for specifics. If you select "Join" you will not automatically be added to the group, but the group leader will be notified of your interest.

If you have any questions, please contact Noah.