School of Life & Doctrine



School of Life & Doctrine (SOLD) is our Christian education ministry for all ages, hosted on Sunday mornings at the Dallas Children’s Theater, including classes for kids, youth, and adults.

We take a break from our SOLD classes during the summer months.
Below was our class content from this past spring.

Spring 2024


This spring, our adult class will be divided into two sections. For the first 6 weeks, Jay Horne will lead a study of the biblical significance of meals, entitled “Food for Thought.” After that, Stephen Buerger and Alex Dean will lead a class on Christian hospitality and cross-cultural ministry. This will include practical discussions and outreach training, as well as cultural and religious training from missionaries that have experience in various cultures.



This spring, our youth will continue to dive into what the Bible teaches us about Spiritual Disciplines. All middle and high school students are encouraged to join us as we learn about worship, tithing, fasting, silence/solitude, and how to read the Bible.



This class will be going through the New City Catechism curriculum. Our hope is to equip them to have an understanding of sound theology and to live it out in their lives. The children will engage the content through lessons, memorization, activities, and discussion.



Our younger elementary students will spend their year going through the Gospel Story Bible curriculum with a focus on the Old Testament. Our goal is for students in these grades to spend a year in the Old Testament and a year in the New Testament so that they have a great understanding and foundation of the Bible to take with them as they grow in their relationship with the Lord. Children will engage the content through Bible study, activities, crafts, and memory work.


This class will be going through the Jesus Storybook Bible. Our time together will include playtime, singing, a Bible lesson, craft, and Bible memory work.


This class will have a lesson each week from the Beginners Gospel Story Bible. Children will spend their time in class reading through a Bible story, participating in music time, crafts, and playtime together.

(15-30 MONTHS)

This class will be going through different biblically based picture books each month to learn different truths about God. The children will also have playtime, crafts, and music. 

(0-15 MONTHS)

Our goal in this room is to provide a safe place for your child to play while you attend the adult classes. We will have music, toys, and books to occupy our little ones.