Resuming Worship Gatherings

As we prepare to resume in-person worship gatherings, please know that our Session desires to take every precaution to protect the health and well-being of you all and our community. We have developed a phased approach to returning, which corresponds with Dallas County Health Guidelines. As such, it is a color-coded approach, which allows us to safely resume various capacities and aspects of worship in accordance with local health notices. Click the link below to see some of the details.

New St. Peter's Phased Plan for Worship

Please understand that returning to any sense of "normal" will require charity from all because there will not be uniformity. Every church will do this differently because of its own circumstances, and every NSP member will do this differently as well. May we love one another as we seek to meet together to worship our glorious God. 

Logistics for "Red" and "Orange" Phases

  • Our first worship service at the theater will take place on June 14, 2020.
  • Please enter and exit ONLY through the West entrance, which faces Skillman St. (labeled "Rosewood Center").
  • While in the facility, we will restrict our use to the main lobby, the Baker theater (main worship gathering room) and the main lobby restrooms. Please maintain proper social distancing in all areas (see below).
  • After the worship service, feel free to enjoy socially distant fellowship outside of the main lobby, under the Rosewood Center awning. 
  • We will not be able to offer nursery or worship training at this time.
  • Feel free to wear a mask.
  • For those not in attendance, we will livestream each service. 


Seating will be "General Admission" according to the seating chart above (first draft), which follows state and local social distancing guidelines using an "every-other-row" format. Ushers will be present to help you find a seat as needed.

Due to limited capacity, we have set up the following system for attendees to reserve general admission seats. Attendees with a last name beginning with A-L will be able to reserve seats from Monday to Thursday for the first week. Beginning on Friday each week, remaining seats may be reserved by anyone. The following week, attendees with a last name beginning with M-Z will be able to reserve tickets from Monday to Thursday. See schedule below:

For the June 14 Service- Last names A-L may reserve from June 8-11

For the June 21 Service- Last names M-Z may reserve from June 15-18

For the June 28 Service- Last names A-L may reserve June 22-25

For the July 5 Service- Last names M-Z may reserve June 29-July 2

Click the Link below to reserve your general admission seating. Please contact one of our pastors if you have any questions.

Social distancing guidelines and other info

While at the facility, please maintain social distancing guidelines as laid out by the CDC, and state and local authorities. Due to such guidelines, the following changes will take place for the present time:

  • Children: During the red and orange phases, we will not be able to offer nursery or worship training. Parents are encouraged to use their best judgment in bringing children, and we will have "Work for Young Worshippers" material available for all ages.
  • Singing: During the red, orange, and yellow phases, we will reduce the number of songs in the service, and we will ask those who sing to wear masks while singing. 
  • Sacraments: We believe the sacraments are crucial means of grace for the gathered body, and so we will seek to carefully administer them according to the various phases of our plan. For full details, see the document at the top of this page. 
  • Sharing the Peace: During the red and orange phases, we will continue sharing the peace digitally with those who are not in attendance. We encourage you to text or call some one who is not present to share the Lord's peace. At the theater, please maintain a safe social distance when sharing the peace.
  • Fellowship before and after worship: While in the theater before worship, please maintain a safe social distance. After the service, please proceed outside through the main lobby and enjoy fellowship under the Rosewood Center awning.
  • Giving: Worshippers may continue to give online. Deacons will also be stationed strategically at communion lines with no-contact bowls for offerings and alms.