Resuming Worship Gatherings

Reserving seats

Seating for our worship service is currently reserved as "General Admission," according to the seating chart below. Attendees will register for alternating weeks based on last name (see schedule below), but on Friday of each week, remaining seats may be reserved by anyone at the link below. If you would like to visit our church, please feel free to sign up using the link below, regardless of the week, or contact one of our pastors. We would be delighted to welcome you during this regathering phased plan. 

For April 25: M-Z may reserve April 19-22

For May 2: A-L may reserve April 26-29

For May 9: M-Z may reserve May 3-6

For May 16: A-L may reserve May 10-13

Click the Link below to reserve your general admission seating. Please contact one of our pastors if you have any questions.

Phased plan

UPDATE: Our COVID-19 commission, consisting of Session members, NsP doctors and other medical professionals, continues to be encouraged by the decline in key indicators in our community. We have taken incremental steps to increase capacity in worship and re-institute some other elements of our ministry (limited worship training, more singing, etc.). We will continue to carefully monitor the data according to the plan linked below and respond accordingly.  

We have implemented an UPDATED color-coded plan for worship and other ministries, which can be found at the link below. The plan outlines four broad color-coded phases which will be assessed and implemented by our Session based on the factors outlines therein. 

New St. Peter's Phased Plan for Worship & Other Ministries

If you have any questions about this plan, please contact one of our pastors

Current Phase: YELLOW

  • Please enter and exit ONLY through the West entrance, which faces Skillman St. (labeled "Rosewood Center").
  • Face coverings/masks are required per Dallas Children's Theater policy for tenants.
  • After the worship service, feel free to enjoy socially distant fellowship outside of the main lobby, under the Rosewood Center awning. 
  • We are presently limiting our service capacity to about 120 General Admission seats in addition to musicians, sound crew and staff. See the schedule above for rotating sign ups. We continue to increase capacity as we work toward a full regathering in the green phase.
  • We continue to monitor and seek to follow CDC Guidelines along with state and especially local data in the implementation of worship service elements (gathering size, seating, sacraments, fellowship, etc.)
  • For those not able to attend, we will livestream each service. You can find the link posted each Sunday on our home page.
  • Our Session has established a commission consisting of TEs Colin Peters and Alex Dean, REs Jay Horne, Jeff Murray, and Tyler Ozanne, along with several advisory members. If you have any questions, please contact one of the elders listed above. 

To view some of our plan in action, see this recent worship service (April 11):

Worship Training Phased Plan

The Session and Staff are working toward a plan to resume worship training at a limited capacity. COVID-19 risk indicators will be continually evaluated, but the present plan is to begin this limited worship training in January. Here are some highlights:

  • Worship training will only be offered during the sermon.
  • The first phase will be open to 1-3 year olds only, and will be conducted in the lobby of the Dallas Children's Theater, to allow for more distancing when possible
  • Reservations will be required for Worship Training, and can be made when you reserve seats for worship.
  • We are limiting the group to 10 children.
  • We will have a short lesson and time for play.
  • We are in need of Worship Training volunteers. Please contact Kelly Meyer if you are willing to serve.

Safety protocols and other details can be found here. Please contact one of our pastors, or Kelly Meyer is you have questions.