school of life & doctrine

SoLD is our Christian Education ministry. True discipleship occurs when doctrine shapes our life and deepens our confession and our practice. As Paul instructed Timothy: "Keep a close watch on your life and doctrine. Persist in this for by so doing you will save yourself and your hearers." - 1 Tim 4.16

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday evening of the month at Scofield Church (7730 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX 75231) for dinner and classes. Childcare is provided for ages 0-3 and classes for all ages from children on up. Questions? Contact Alex Dean.

Fall 2021

TWO Adult Classes:

  • Biblical Friendship: Friendlessness is an epidemic in our society. That’s right. We may be more socially “connected” than ever before, but we lack the ability to see, seek, and maintain deep, biblical friendships. This is nothing new. Modern people have long rejected this necessary relation as superfluous and inefficient. In the church, too, we struggle to move from acquaintance to deep and vulnerable friendship. Join us as we unpack what Scripture and the Christian tradition have to say about Christian friendship and its value on the journey of faith.

    Taught by Alex Dean and Carly Hallman

  • The Authority of Scripture in an Autonomous Age: As C.S. Lewis has wisely pointed out, modern man has reversed the fundamental relationship between humanity and deity, placing God on the “dock,” in the place of the accused, while we sit on the judge’s bench to condemn or acquit based on our own standard. Nowhere is this kind of autonomy more pervasive in the modern world than in the study of what God has said…the study of Scripture. Yet as Reformed folks, we continue to hold to Scripture’s authority, sufficiency, necessity, and clarity. Scholars and warm churchmen Joseph Minich and John Mark Hallman, members at NsP, will walk through some of modernity’s questions about and objections to Scripture as they unpack the historic Reformed doctrine of its authority from several angles.

    Taught by Dr. Joseph Minich (Teaching Fellow, The Davenant Institute) and John Mark Hallman (PhD student at Dallas Theological Seminary).

So…mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • August 22 (BBQ Kickoff, kids & youth programs, adult time of fellowship)
  • August 29 (Potluck; A-L bring a main dish, M-Z bring a side or dessert)
  • September 12 (Potluck; M-Z bring a main dish, A-L bring a side or dessert)
  • September 26 (Sandwiches and Pizza provided by NsP)
  • October 10 (Potluck; A-L bring a main dish, M-Z bring a side or dessert)
  • October 24 (Sandwiches and Pizza provided by NsP)
  • November 14 (Potluck; M-Z bring a main dish, A-L bring a side or dessert)

Meals begin at 5 PM. Youth group at 5:30. Children’s and Adult classes at 6 PM.

Our adult classes typically fall into one of the four categories listed below. Our hope is that these classes will help equip Christians to be a transforming influence in Dallas and beyond. Past classes have included:

  • Bible

    Habakkuk, Ecclesiastes, Parables, Ephesians, Philippians, Thessalonians, Revelation

  • Theology

    Interpreting the Scriptures, The Doctrines of Grace, On Being Presbyterian, Christ in the Covenants, Westminster Confession of Faith, The Church

  • history

    Letters of John Newton, Church History from 2nd Century to Present, Eight Christians You Don't Know But Should, Church Histories and Their Impact on You

  • Practical Ministry and Worldview

    Marriage, Youth Culture, A Quest for More, Gospel in Life, Parenting, Getting the Message