Pastoral Search 2022

As we search for our next senior pastor, we will seek to post pertinent information and resources on this page for our members. Please reach out to any ruling elder with questions about the pastoral search process.

Pastoral search committee

On February 13, our congregation elected the following members to the pastoral search committee:

Jeff Murray (elder)
Brian Franklin
Arleen Ratliff
Tricia Horne
Cotty Hillman
Dan Wilensky
Sheryl Brown

QUESTIONS?: Feel free to reach out to any committee or session member with additional questions. 

Encouragement from the Session:

On January 9, we will begin a process together which could span a number of months, or even beyond. We do not know who the Lord is calling as our next senior pastor. But amazingly, the Lord has invited us as a congregation into the mysterious process of his calling and governance. A pastoral search can be one of the most beautiful seasons of expression of presbyterian polity, through which Jesus rules his church by his word and Spirit, through the ministry of fallible men, called by the congregation, and accountable to one another, and to the presbytery. To be clear, we wholeheartedly embrace this and the other preliminary principles in our Book of Church Order: "Though the character, qualifications and authority of church officers are laid down in the Holy Scriptures...the power to elect persons to the exercise of authority in any particular society resides in that society." That is, the church congregation calls its pastors and elders. We rejoice in your eagerness and earnestness to work out this principle during the next season in our church.

Throughout this process, we will do our best to communicate well. But if you have any questions at all, please reach out to any elder. We are glad to receive questions, feedback, concerns, and more.