You may already spend more time looking at websites than you want to. If your conscience bothers you in that regard, then turn off your computer and go take a walk in the park. But if not, then here are a few friendly sites that are well worth a look...

The Presbyterian Church in America...This site belongs to the denomination with which NSP is affiliated.

The Westminster Confession of Faith...This is the doctrinal statement adopted by our denomination.

Reformed University Fellowship...RUF is the college campus ministry of the PCA.

Reformed Youth Ministries...RYM is a youth ministry movement common among many PCA churches.

Covenant Theological Seminary...CTS is the denominational seminary of the PCA in St. Louis, MO.

Redeemer Theological Seminary...Redeemer is a local reformed seminary in Dallas with close ties to the PCA.

Christian Counseling...The Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation has many helpful online resources.

Christian Counseling...The Association of Biblical Counselors has many more helpful online resources.